In honour of World Environment Day which is on June 5th, producer Luc Besson has released the new 52-minute film about the environment Home online entirely for FREE.
The documentary has officially debuted on YouTube at the same time it appears in cinema and on TV. (It says “officially” because Luc Besson’s uploaded the film itself, in contrasting to some pirate action).

This is a chance for YouTube to attract bigger advertisers, who tend to push clear of user-generated content, due to its unreliable quality. Also, this is a useful experiment to see how small-screen launches affect large-screen performance.

The movie is directed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, an acclaimed aerial photographer, who provides some pretty insane looking footage of the Earth from above, showing landscapes from 54 different countries. Glenn Close does the English narration which covers various climate change statistics. While we’ve probably heard some of it before in An Inconvenient Truth, I think this looks a little more visually interesting than Al Gore’s slideshow. Home will be online until June 14th.

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One Response to “Luc Besson published his new environmental movie ‘Home’ on YouTube”

  1. cori says:

    The movie is beautiful and it makes you think about greener lifestyle while watching. Such movies CAN make a difference through the impact to the people’s mind. Unfortunately my kids dislike to watch documentary…But when I showed them a few moments and explained in brief…I hope it works. That would be a perfect educational materials for schools.

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