amazing facts
Here are some amazing facts provided for you and your child to have fun:

1) What is the difference between the aligator and a crocodile?

and crocodiles have the same basic appearence and they both are amphibious the aligator has a short and broder snout than the crocodile in both the animals the fourth tooth of the lower jaw is enlarged .this could be seen when crocodile closes it’s mouth but in case of alligator it cannot be seen when the mouth is closed.
Which is the largest living land mammal on earth?
the African elephant is the largest living land mamal .Afully grown elephant measures 11 feet high and may weigh over 6tons .It eats 700 pounds of vegitation and drink 50 gallons of water a day. it can walk 4 miles an hour and can run 30 miles an hour but is unable to jump the smallest obstacle

2). How long is girraffe’s tongue?

is the tallest mammal .It is about 18 ft tall .Apart from its legs and neck it has a very long tongue wich extends 17 inches when it streches to pluck a distant leaf or a twig.
What does a camel store in it’s hump?
The hump is composed of fatty tissues which break down to give energy during periods when the camel is without sufficient food .Water is stored by the camel in it’s tissue and it draws on it’s supply as it plods along .After a long journey the camel is usually very thin and dried up and can drink over 20 gallons of water in ten minutes

3) which dog cannot bark?

Dingo is one of the very few dogs in the world that is unable to bark , but it can howl and whine very loudly indeed .

4) which is the biggest bear ?

Kodisk Bear from Alaska is the biggest bear.It weighs a ton and is four feet tall. It is very powerful and can give very deadly blows from its huge front paws .

5) How big are the otters ?

The largest ortter live in a slow moving river od South America ,These giant otters are 6 ft to 7 ft long .

6)Why do Civets smell? How are they useful?

The smells comes from the liquid called musk which is secreted from the glands near the   reproductive organ of cevet. The musk is a valuable subtance that is used to make the most expensive perfumes.Civet is a cat like animal with long body and tails and pointed nose .
7)Can snakes fly ?

Sanakes cannot fly ,but some of them have become very good gliders.

8)How do penguins cope with the cold?

The penguins withstand the antratic winter and freezing blizzards by having a very dense plumage all over the body underneath its thick coat of closely packed feathers there is an insulating layer of blubber .This helps to matain the body temperature drops too low ,they huddle together to to conseve body heat.

9)What is the difference between a pigeons and doves?

There is no real difference between the two .The pigeons are larger and plumper and have square tails where as doves have smaller,sleeker and pointed tail.

10)what are laughing jackass?

the laughing jackass or kookobura of Australia is a member of the kingfisher family of birds.They live far away from water and feed on a variety of animals .These are 17 inches long and are known for their rancors, cackling cry which sounds almost like humans.

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