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Lesson one: Balloon Twisting Art & Balloon Sculpture Tutorial

Learning the balloon techniques is a good entertainment and out-of-box-thinking brain training for all ages. People love to watch balloon artists and with some practice you’ll be a real star and draw all attention to your bright personality at any birthday parties.

Balloon twisting and sculpture making is in great demand at carnivals, fairs, presentations and various events. This fun activity is often done at kids camps and school projects.

Inflating a Balloon tips

There are two ways of blow up a balloon: using a pump, or your lungs. It’s highly suggested to use a pump. First, blowing up a balloon with your mouth is very difficult. Then, there is a chance of spreading infections.

Before tying it, soft the balloon to make sure it won’t pop while you are twisting. Let a small gust of air out of the balloon.

Pinch the balloon a couple of centimeters down from the nozzle and let of the air out of the front part for ease in tying, just to get the balloon to tie easier.

If your design of your balloon art has many twists or a long tail, you need to leave much more of the balloon uninflated then if your design is simple.

Explore the fun of balloons in simple objects, animals, famous characters, and complex sculptures. See the easy-to-understand video tutorial and instructions, and don’t forget the photo gallery! You will be inspired to create your own unique designs that you can show to your friends and family. Enjoy!

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